The 6 week programme is the most recommended route to achieving your fitness goals as quickly as possible as it requires the most amount of training and dedication in comparison to the rest of my programmes, yet is GUARANTEED RESULTS in every way, from body composition to overall health and fitness.


It is very specific and detailed and will continue to be throughout the 6 weeks, keeping up with your nutrition and body analysis to ensure you are keeping on track of your goals. The 6 week programme requires serious commitment as does every route to achieving any goal, however once putting in the time and effort into reaching your targets, the hard work will pay off.

The 6 week programme consists of a questionnaire to give me an idea of your lifestyle, diet and current fitness and health levels. This is then followed by a 1/1.5 hour verbal and physical assessment. Once this is all compete, a nutrition plan, exercise regime and frequent personal training sessions (at least 3 per week) will all be organised and competed.

The prices for the 6 week programme are shown below:

1 hour/1.5 hour assessment - £80

The price of the assessment is double the price of an hour session preparing for the circumstance that you do not choose to go ahead with the 6 week programme. If however you continue with the further 6 weeks you will be refunded £40 and charged with the discounted hourly price of £30 (originally £40).

6 week programme - £620

3 x 1 hour sessions p/w - £120 x 6 - £720 (Saving £100)

nutrition plan - £50 (FREE)

If you would like to add more training sessions per week, they can be added at £30 (£10 off) per session

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